The Power of Positive Attitude
How to put your best foot forward.
  Seminar Objective:
To learn ways to nurture a more positive way of thinking in order to become more successful and to understand the principals for dealing with the negativity of others.

Seminar Description:
Is your work environment positive or negative? Are people you work with pessimistic or optimistic? Don't let negativity drag you down….it's too powerful and too contagious to ignore. In this seminar you will learn how a negative work environment affects you and what you can do to reverse it. Proven techniques to transform negative thoughts will boost your mood and improve your health so that you will experience astonishing positive results. This seminar will provide activities and exercises to help cope with negativity in others and make your work more satisfying and productive.

Items Covered:
  • Three phases of optimism
  • Control the three immobilizes that keep you from being positive
  • Five types of irrational thinking
  • Ten advantages of being positive
  • Fifteen ways to develop a positive attitude
  • Successful job attitudes
  • Attitude skills that enhance relationships
  • Ways to eliminate life negators
  • How develop the "Can Do Attitude"
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