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Services Provided by Gaye Ann Lynch


There simply is no better person for your keynote than Gaye Ann. She engages the audience in a thought provoking message delivered with passion and humor. Give her your theme, topic or mission statement and let her work her magic for you and your group.


Gaye had developed and presented over thirty professional and personal development seminars. Her experience as Director of Education in her early career aided her in writing curriculum standardized and approved by the State of Michigan . Her titles range from Conflict Resolution, Team Building and Communication Skills to more light hearted topics such as Humor in the Workplace, and How to DeClutter your life.

Conferences/Round Tables

Conferences are a perfect environment for learning and facilitating. Conferences coupled with round table discussion/activities is the perfect vehicle for understanding how a particular skill or philosophy fits into your paradigm or corporate structure. Many times we understand a process, intellectually, but aren't quite sure how to execute it into our environment. Integrating round tables into your conference is a perfect way to insure proper execution of what was just learned.


A time for renewal, relaxation, reflection and learning. Gaye has always believed that one's true purpose in life should be in harmony with one's profession. There is no better environment than a retreat to allow people to focus and redirect their energy toward a more positive source. For over three years, Gaye traveled the country teaching the principles of the book "The Road Less Traveled" by Dr. Scott Peck. This experience, coupled with her participation in the Community Building Conference facilitated by Dr. Peck himself, provided her with powerful skills and insights about life and life's problems and how they impact our work environment

Image Consulting

When Gaye began her career teaching in a private career college, business accredited, each student, in order to graduate, was required to participate in an Image Awareness Program. (commonly known as a Finishing Course back in those days). Over thirty years ago, Gaye was on the cutting edge of realizing the important role "Image" would have in corporate America, arming women with not only the technical skills, but the walk, the talk and the look that would make them a complete success. So whether it's a presentation in the boardroom, an important job interview or even a walk down the runway, Gaye can assist you in putting together the "total package".


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