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Photograph of Gaye Ann Lynch

Gaye Ann Weaver

Gaye Ann's strong background in education and business has earned her respect and acclaim as a successful entrepreneur and educator. She has been recognized for her accomplishments and sited for her commitment to educational excellence.

She brings over twenty five years of experience to her role as President of Image Group Enterprises and renders her services to corporations and universities throughout North America , Europe and the Pacific Rim .

In her early career, she joined the teaching staff of a private, accredited business college. Through her hard work and dedication, she moved through the ranks as Director of Education, on to Executive Director and ultimately owner of her alma mater.

In 1989, she and her husband formed Image Group Enterprises. A Michigan based consulting and corporate training company. Since then she has conducted over 2000 seminars throughout the world, and is in constant demand for her services.

Gaye Ann believes that both education and motivation are essential in order to achieve positive results. She delivers her message with enthusiasm, energy and commitment. She has the art of moving her audience, opening their minds to her message and motivating them to change.

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